Driveways in Rainham, Essex

Our impressive patios and driveway service at Apex Home Improvements UK Ltd in Rainham, Essex, is unrivalled. Happy to provide a free quote, we are more than happy to come and assess your property first, giving you our expert opinion on what materials and designs we think will work best with your home.

Our Process

Our process

  • Land Survey, Preparing Technical Drawings, Highlighting Blocks, Edge Restraint, Manhole Covers, Drainage and Laying Patterns.

  • Excavating a Minimum of 260mm as per British Standard (BS 7533)

  • Carefully Lay the Edge Restraints on a Sturdy Concrete Foundation, Covering the Whole Perimeter (excluding Foundations)

  • A Thick Geotextile Membrane is Laid on the Soil Base to Prevent Fine Particle Migration and Weed Growth

  • 150mm Laid and Compressed in Two 75mm Layers of MOT Type 1 Levelled and Compacted at Each Layer

  • 50mm Layer of Sharpsand is Laid and Levelled to Create a Perfect Block Laying Surface

  • 60mm Driveway Blocks are Carefully Laid and Levelled to Your Chosen Laying Pattern and Drainage Aligned in Accordance with BS7533

  • Measure and Cut the Final Blocks to Size and Fill the Joints

  • Blocks Compacted and a Kiln Dried Sand is Brushed into all Joints Ensuring No Movement

  • Final Inspection Made Ensuring 100% Customer Satisfaction and Final Payment Once Satisfaction Note is Signed

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